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الثلاثاء، 15 مايو 2012

.We All Are Born Into This World 
.Each of us came into this world without anything
.Each of us start out naked
We all have equal chance in this world to achieve our
 ,It doesn't matter if you're from
the Philippines, Australia, Germany 
.China, Japan, India, Canada, or the USA,
It doesn't matter if you're professional farmers, laborers, teachers, retailers, as well as those of various other public professions
You can reach your dreams if you want it
bad enough and are willing to do what it
.takes to get it

 it is imperative that you develop a strong and burning desire to be rich and successful - and truly know that you are as deserving to fulfill this desire as anyone else on this wonderful planet

Like many people online that you realize you are one of the "ERS 98%" in an attempt to achieve the income on the Internet

There are people who sit and do nothing online.  These people often say they WANT to make money, They never do, because they never take action

There are serious earners doing all they can, and actually are making thousands per month online-

.That all depends on you, and your motivation-

On the recent survey done, most millionaires make a great salary -
(6 figures)
 but grew their wealth by properly investing and saving

Those who make the most money are those who are properly investing and saving-

If you're serious about making a real income online...
You need to set realistic money spending budget and goal

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